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Traveling With . . .

East Cobb couple Wally and Christine Beard will be celebrating their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary this month. The only question facing these two former high school chemistry lab partners is where to pop the champagne cork when that special day…

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For Art’s Sake

Two galleries in Beaufort County, South Carolina showcase tremendous talent from the Low Country.
By Stacey Dougherty

Historic Beaufort
Art is an integral element of the Low Country. It characterizes the area just as much as its history, physical…

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Gear, Guides & Technology

I must confess, I am a full-blown techno geek, always looking for the next gadget or gizmo to make my life run more smoothly. The aim of this column is to help provide you with ideas to make your travel…

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Never in the history of civilization has there existed the wide-range of options available today to satisfy our hunger for the written word. Books, magazines, newspapers, the internet, not to mention junk mail, all vie for the limited amount…

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