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Blanket Disclosure

Federal Trade Commission Required Disclosures
Effective as of December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) amended disclosure requirements related to advertising, endorsements and compensation, specifically impacting blogs, social media and web content. Where2Now LLC policy with regard to the new FTC Rule is as follows:

Types of Compensation That We Receive:
Where2Now LLC may receive affiliate commissions, pay per click (PPC) and advertising revenue from various companies, retailers, wholesalers, affiliate networks and individuals from time to time. In addition, Where2Now LLC may engage in other activities with third parties from time to time for which it receives compensation.

Where2Now LLC does NOT accept cash compensation to author a review of a company, product or service. Products submitted for review that have a suggested retail price of under $25 may be kept after the review is completed. Products provided for review over that amount, are either destroyed during the review process, returned at the conclusion of the review, donated, or utilized as a promotional giveaway. From time to time, Where2Now LLC or its contributing writers will receive complimentary admission to an attraction, complimentary lodging or other complimentary travel arrangements (“Comps”) with the anticipation that a review will be written or the company or attraction will be mentioned in print or online. Where2Now LLC does not guarantee that a review will actually be published or that the company providing the Comp will be included in any publication, online or in print. Our opinions are not influenced in any way and Where2Now LLC does not promise a favorable review in exchange for any Comps from any company, whatsoever.

Where2Now LLC often publishes links to external third party sites where a product or service is sold to the consumer. In some instances, Where2Now LLC will receive compensation for each time a visitor 1) clicks on the link, or 2) each time the visitor makes a purchase after clicking on the link (and for a certain time after such click) or 3) views an advertisement.

Our Disclosure Commitment:
Where2Now LLC believes in ethical business practices and prides itself on its integrity.

Where2Now LLC will make best efforts to disclose known relationships with third parties that it receives compensation from when writing about those parties on its websites, in its blog or in social media channels. Each web page and blog post will contain a link to this Online FTC Disclosure Policy. Where2Now LLC uses CMP.ly to disclose specific disclosures with respect to Comps and a link to those disclosures will appear at the end of each blog post or article to which it relates that is authored by us and appears on our website. In addition, those links will also appear in social media channels when articles and/or their links are disbursed through them.

Where2Now LLC may participate in blind advertising programs where the advertiser is not known in advance so no specific disclosure can be made. Where2Now LLC may also provide content for third party websites from time to time. Where2Now LLC will disclose all material relationships to those third parties upon providing such content.

Advertisements for which compensation is received will be clearly labeled as such. Links to any charitable organizations never produce any income or revenue for Where2Now LLC or any other third party, and are present on the website to raise funds for, and only for, the charitable organizations they represent. For satisfaction of FTC disclosure, we suggest that a visitor presume that all other third party links generate affiliate or other revenue even though that may not be the case.

Where2Now LLC may also participate in print media for which this Online FTC Disclosure Policy does not apply. Our same commitment to integrity and ethical business practices does apply.

How To Contact Us:
Should you have other questions or concerns about these disclosures, please send us an email.
Please send written requests to:
Where2Now LLC
P.O. Box 681-683
Marietta, GA 30068