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Where2NowMag.com is the travel magazine and vacation guide for the traveler in all of us. Our regular contributors are paid professional freelancers who travel the globe and report their experiences in order to help you plan for your next travel adventure.

We look forward to hearing from our readers in our comments section after every feature and post. We even accept amateur contributions. So, if you’ve been on an unforgettable trip and want to share the fun, excitement and pleasure you got from the experience, then by all means, please share! Keep it to no more than 1,000 words, check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation and ensure that all facts can be verified (accommodation names, locations, rates, etc.) and send it to us at submissions@Where2Nowmag.com with your name and contact information. If you have a photo or two, great! But if not, no biggie.

If we publish your story we will send you either a fabulous Where2NowMag.com t-shirt or a cap. So please include a valid email address. If your article is chosen for publication we will contact you. All article submissions are subject to revision and may be edited for length and overall readability.

And don’t hesitate to promote your article on your Facebook or MySpace page and through your Twitter account.