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Don’t Let BP Cover It Up!

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May 19, 2010 – This Saturday will mark one month since the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico sank after a massive explosion that killed 11 oil rig workers. I’ve watched and read news reports in horror as BP and the U.S. government have failed to come up with reliable information about the amount of oil gushing from the well or best case scenario, seal the leak and stop the nightmare. According to news reports yesterday, BP is keeping vital information close to its vest and the government was only able to get them to release important video to the public just yesterday. (More video from Associated Press made available today.)

I was wondering over the past week why it seemed that television reports about the spill and the ongoing efforts to contain it were so sparse on my local evening newscasts. Never the lede and usually just before or after the weather forecast. And anything in the newspapers that wasn’t a status on the containment effort were beginning to sound repetitive. Well now I know why. BP, not the government, is controlling the information that’s released about the spill and the containment efforts. What is wrong with this picture? Possibly the largest man-made disaster ever and the culprit is in charge of disseminating information to the public and the government agencies that oversee their industry!

Where are the investigative journalists? Where are the government officials demanding, and if necessary, subpoenaing BP to hand over information?

The fisherman deserve better. The folks who work in the tourism and hospitality industries in the affected areas deserve better. Our children’s futures and the wildlife all over the Gulf Coast deserves better. Please contact your representatives in Congress and demand that BP relinquish its control over the information pertaining to the spill. Tell your representative that BP must disclose all information it possesses and will acquire with regard to this disaster. Demand that the Justice Department take over if necessary. If you haven’t already, plan to boycott BP until they make available every last piece of data they have and will receive about the oil leak. They poisoned the planet and they must not be allowed to cover up any wrongdoing they’ve committed that caused this catastrophe.

If you don’t know who your congressman or congresswoman is click here to find out. To find your U.S. Senator that represents you, click here.  Call them all and demand that they act.

The emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico will take years to recover and the danger to the Atlantic and the Caribbean is real. As long as we need food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe, when we fail to protect the world we live in it’s the same as doing violence to another human being. Please pick up the phone and demand what’s right for the only planet we have.

Photo: NASA satellite photo of the oil spill on May 17, 2010.

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