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The New Rules & Flying With Children

December 29, 2009 – Today on the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, Lisa Belkin brings up the subject of flying with children after the implementation of the latest rules in response to the failed terror attempt on Christmas Day. The new rules regarding in-cabin mobility, particularly access to the bathrooms, has quite a few parents concerned and some are even re-considering whether or not to take the international trips they’ve been planning.

Airline passengers already have to endure additional limits and fees for baggage, fees for food and drink on-board and security lines that require showing up at airports at least two hours in advance of flight times, not to mention restrictions on carry-on items. Now they want us to sit still with nothing allowed on our laps, not move around the cabin at all, hold it in for the last hour of the flight and heaven forbid we should feel queasy during those last sixty minutes! If I find these conditions, as an adult, to be onerous and just plain ridiculous, I can only imagine how families with small children will feel.

If the latest restrictions on passengers aren’t eased and common sense does not prevail, will you re-consider flying in the future? And what other precautions can airlines take to protect passengers and not make air travel worse than it has become in the 21st century?

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