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Update: St. John


July 16, 2009 – Last month we were fortunate enough to be able to return to this tiny gem in the Caribbean.  And unlike our trip last year, we swam with sea turtles every single day! This visit was full of animal encounters from the two turtles we named Tom and Jerry, swimming off the beach in front of our villa every morning, to the wild donkeys we narrowly avoided on the road to the East End.

Also found out this trip that the island is full of iguanas.  We were having breakfast while the gardeners were doing their thing and noticed that the noise of the equipment had sent this fella up into the trees on the far side of the house, along with five of his very large friends (or were they really family?).


The island was full of flowers and green as a shamrock thanks to a bunch of much needed rain just before we arrived. And the snorkeling was fantastic! We made it to Waterlemon Cay ( yes, it’s l-e-m-o-n, not melon) this time and that’s where we enjoyed the best snorkeling on the island. We went twice. Just under a mile from the parking lot near the sugar plantation ruins is the trailhead to get to the snorkeling spot. The trail’s completely flat and easily walked in less than 15 minutes. Don’t miss it! There, we swam with the Three Stooges, Tom and Jerry’s cousins, countless fish of all sizes and colors, beautiful corals and we also sighted a few barracuda. Small ones…only 3 feet…okay, one was about 4 but we gave him lots of room.

And thanks to Arthur Jones, owner of Arawak Expeditions, we had at our disposal a double kayak for forays into Klein Bay. Personally delivered by him and his lovely little girl, Adelaide. One morning we took it to Ditliff Point and walked from the beach to the top, for a nice view of wild and windy Fish Bay, on the other side.

Right now, the USVI Tourism Board is offering a couple of promotions, good through October. And airfares are the lowest they are all year! Probably lower than they’ve been in several years! Check out this site’s info on where2stay, where2eat and what2do, right here. A honeymoon, family vacation or an opportunity to rest and relax amid nature and beautiful beaches are all perfect reasons to visit St. John.

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